About Measure Twice

Measure Twice is the only creative provider that integrates the best independent talent, with a refined, best practice process.

With a strong track record for shared project ownership, our streamlined approach acts as a catalyst to creating highly motivated, open, creative collaborations, with clients, talent, and vendors playing an inseparable role in the project success.

Our many triumphs have made us a trusted and repeated resource for getting great work done on time and on budget.

The best talent, a better process, tangible results.

Measure Once

We select just the right talent from our broad, diverse, curated and highly skilled network. We enjoy a strong reputation for excellence and leadership. Our close relationships with the entire creative community means we attract and motivate the best people for each role.

This means that you are not limited to the confines of an in house staff, so we can always secure the best talent, be it local or in the major creative centers across the country. We then apply that talent and their skill sets to the project at the appropriate moment, avoiding unnecessary time and expense.

Measure Twice

We have pulled from our vast experience within agencies and production companies to streamline the best practices for modern creative. Our teams are guided by a digitally delivered, clear, and streamlined workflow, cutting waste, re-do’s, and miscommunication.  Simple: Great talent driven by a proven process; nothing is secret or proprietary.  Our leadership creates efficient, high value projects, again and again.

We simplify, educate, build trust, grow relationships, perfect practices, meticulously plan, avoid problems, and redouble our efforts. We are nimble, agile, and create results.  Nothing is compromised, when you Measure Twice.

Double the effort and twice the focus keeps everyone on track.

Our Team

Brian Berberich

Executive Producer
Brian started in editorial, finishing some of the most-watched corporate videos from San Francisco agencies and Silicon Valley tech. He then moved into agency production, drawing from his long experience in ideation, production, and post.

Brian is adept at managing large teams of creative directors, artists, programmers, production crews, and vendors, earning a reputation for delivering on all needs: web, interactive, broadcast, and events. He’s worked with Apple, Google, Adobe, Cisco, Yahoo, YouTube, Toyota, and Honda.

Maria Henriksen

Senior Project Manager
Maria is an enthusiastic and dedicated project manager with extensive experience in content creation, including broadcast, social media, events, corporate messaging, web and interactive development. She thrives on complex challenges.

She is a tiny bit of an organizational freak, with great finance and management skills. She enjoys working with others, creating compelling content and leads by establishing a fun, collaborative, team-focused culture.

Ben Staub

Post Supervisor & Videographer
Ben brings a diverse skillset, having firsthand experience with a broad array of projects, media, and clientele.

An adept videographer, editor and director, Ben also has over 3 years’ experience as production director at a radio station conglomerate, where he collaborated with a team of program directors in a swift-moving creative environment.

Ben’s friendly and approachable presence coupled with his quick adaptability has garnered him great esteem with his colleagues and clients.

Ed Pritz

Technical Director
Over the past decade, Ed has been dodging keyframes and crushing pixels to create content for broadcast, mobile and web.

A seasoned motion designer, editor, and technical lead, Ed is able to prioritize, coordinate, and manage projects in a fast-paced production environment.

Solo or in groups, onsite or remote, Ed uses his diverse experience and skills to solve both creative and technical problems to ensure projects are delivered on time.

Raijanna Morrow

Raijanna holds years of experience in media and communications. As promotions director at the top North Bay radio station group, Raijanna built a reputation by streamlining a better process for interactive digital marketing, web production, and media management.

Raijanna’s skills in both project coordination and business accounting give her a unique understanding of the unusual business details of the creative industry. She is our unsung hero, in charge of the challenging and unglamorous tasks that keep Measure Twice running smoothly.