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Production requires major logistical challenges ranging from staffing and targeted expertise to permits and insurance.

Ensure that your team is doing exactly what they’re best at doing… and leave the rest to us.

You need to grow immediately when opportunity knocks, regardless if your capacity is stretched or the content is within your set of standard offerings. The last thing you want is to turn away a compelling project because you cannot grow fast enough, or worse – keep full time project managers on staff just incase they are needed.

Our on-demand project management solution meets this challenge. The process is simple: we match a project manager at the outset of the exploration phase. Then a transparent project fee is determined, and the project manager drives the entire process through to completion. There are no day rates, holds, challenges, or unavailabilities to juggle. And there are no surprise fees or unexpected complications.

Project Management

Your in-house staff may consist of talented creative directors and other experts in live action or animation. Those talented creative directors may not be the best choice to select, manage, and pay a production crew. Empower your creative team to focus on doing what they do best, and hand the production services to us.


We offer to take full responsibility for contract and legal paperwork, location management, permitting, clearance, insurance, payroll, vendors, expenses, and all other production needs.


We handle as much as your project requires, and submit a single invoice.

Production Services

Sometimes, you might need more than a little support. You need more than a project manager, more than logistical and tactical expertise and more than a stopgap measure; you need ideas, a team, and the entire production process.


Our full service production solution means the entire gamut of services are at your service. We’ve been in this business, in this neighborhood, for a long time, and are entrenched in the creative community. Through our network we can assemble a top-notch, fully functional team in an instant: creative director, project manager, animator, production, post-production, and the entire team. We will run a full project from concept through execution as if you had a team at the ready, hiding under your desk.

Full Service Production


Brian Berberich started in editorial, finishing some of the greatest and most watched corporate videos from San Francisco agencies and Silicon Valley tech. He then moved into agency production, building best practices from his long experience in ideation, production, and post. Working as an editor at a post-production facility and a producer at an agency allowed Brian to see many different production workflows and meet a large pool of talent. One challenge was a constant for every project. Necessity led productions to assign crucial roles from their limited available internal staff. This often led to the inefficiency of having the right person in the wrong role. Brian decided to create a system that used the entire creative community to match the best talent for each position. Measure Twice was created to become that creative collaborative, a company that helped other organizations make the most efficient and highest quality creative work by using the best team for every project.


Producer / Director


Videographer / Editor


Senior Project Manager